How to Add New Beneficiary in Punjab National Bank Account

Hello Everyone!Today we are going to guide you that how to add new Beneficiary in Punjab National bank Account. Every time it’s unattainable to go to the bank branch for tiny works. You can make sure new beneficiary details in Punjab National bank Account anytime and anyplace. All you would like is to possess net banking account of PNB.

In this post, we’ve shared complete procedure a way to make sure new beneficiary details in Punjab National bank net banking account online. You can conjointly modify or read limits, make sure beneficiary, add new receiver and far additional. Read the entire post to understand a way to make sure new beneficiary in geographic region commercial bank online.

How to Confirm New Beneficiary in Punjab National Bank Account

Follow these steps to confirm new beneficiary in Punjab National Bank (PNB) Online-

  1. First of all, visit this link for signing into your account:
  2. Now, login to the internet banking account.
  3. Click on ‘Retail net Banking’ for the login page
  4. Now, enter your User ID
  5. Next, enter your password for sign-in into your account
  6. Now on the dashboard, go to ‘Transactions’ option
  7. From Transactions option, go to ‘Manage Beneficiary’
  8. After clicking on Manage Beneficiary choice, select ‘Confirm New/Modified Beneficiary’ from the list and click on Ok.
  9. Now, search already other beneficiaries by choosing a date vary and click on Submit
  10. After selecting, all beneficiary list will open
  11. Now, select any beneficiary from the list
  12. Next, click on ‘Confirm’ option
  13. Confirm it by One Time Password (OTP).
  14. Finally, enter your ‘Transaction Password’ and hit enter on the ‘Submit’ button
  15. You have successfully confirmed new beneficiary in your Punjab National Bank (PNB) account.
  16. If no beneficiary has been other, an error message can seem

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