How to Write Application for Reversal of Fund Due to Wrong transfer

Hello,guys everyday you transfer money from one account to another account according to your need.But due to some mistakes in transaction amount credit to some other account,So here is the solution of your can easily get the deducted amount by following some simple steps.These steps are so simple so only follow this steps that How to Write Application for Reversal of Fund Due to Wrong transfer.

Write Application for Reversal of Fund Due to Wrong transfer

Bank Name,
Bank Address,

Subject : Reversal of fund due to wrong IMPS/UPI/NEFT transfer.

Dear Sir,


This has reference to below mentioned funds which have been transfer through …………..<IMPS/UPI.NEFT>.
I …………..<name>,certify that I entered the wrong account number/UPI VPA while doing the transaction and it has resulted in transfer of fund to another account ……………….(Unintended beneficiary) and Transaction number is …………….<Txn No.>The intended beneficiary of the transaction is ………….<actual beneficiary>,having an account number………….<correct account number> held with ………..<Bank Name>.

I request Bank Name to take up this matter with bank for reversal of the above transaction and credit back in the Bank Name account on the best effort basis.

I also undertake that in the event of any dispute on the claim of such transaction and inaccuracy,mis-match of any details submitted by undersigned, Bank Name is authorized to block my account till the time the same settled.

Thanking You
Your Faithfully,

Name :
Mobile Number :


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