Why Gudi Padwa Celebrated, Known Date, Auspicious Time

Why and when Gudi Padwa festival celebrated (Importance, Puja Vidhi, Katha, Hindu New Year)

Gudi Padwa is a festival which every Hindu celebrates with great devotion and pomp. According to Hinduism, Gudi Padwa celebrate on the first day of the region and its also known as the first day of the New Year of the Hindus. By the way, almost every single person is says to be of great importance on the first day of Chaitra month, that is, the day of Gudi Padwa to be the first day of the year. Details Why Gudi Padwa Celebrated, Known Date, Auspicious Time

Today, through this article, we will try to find out what is Gudi Padwa and why it  celebrate and what is the natural and spiritual beliefs behind it. If you also want to get information related to this Hindu New Year, then read this author till the last.

NameGudi Padwa
Vikram Sanvat2077
Date in 202112 to 13 April
Other NameSamvatsar Padyo, Yugadi, Ugadi, Chetichand and Navreh
Pratipada Tithi Begins08:02AM
Ratipada Tithi Ends10:18AM


What is the festival of Gudi Padwa?

This festival of Hinduism is celebrated every month on Shukla Pratipada of Chaitra month. Many sacred and religious festivals of Hinduism, fasts etc. make their debut during Chaitra month. The practice of celebrating the sacred festival like Gudi Padwa in many other places of India including Maharashtrian has been going on since ancient times. The Hindu New Year also begins on this day. According to mythology, it is says that on this day Brahma Ji created many other gods and goddesses, male-human beings and demons, demons etc.

What does Gudi Padwa mean?

As we and you know, when the name of a Hindu festival comes, there must be some significance or meaning associated with the name of that festival. Similarly, the word Gudi Padwa also has a different meaning and significance. Gudi Padwa has grown from the union of two words. If we know the meaning of the word Gudi, then we get the Hindi meaning of ‘Vijay Pataka’ from it and if we understand the Hindi meaning of the word Padwa, then we get the word ‘Pratipada’.

The story related to what is the Hindu significance of Gudi Padwa festival?

This sacred festival is consider very important in Hinduism. According to some scholars, Satyug was also start on this auspicious day i.e. Gudi Padwa. From the day of Chaitra Navratri, the difference between days and nights begins to be understood, that is, days become bigger and nights become smaller. Some pundits and great scholars believe that according to Vishnu Purana, Lord Shri Vishnu had worn his Matsya avatar on this day. According to all these religious and mythological stories, this day has seen as a very auspicious and beneficial day.


What is the worship method of Gudi Padwa?

  1. The place where people worship Gudi Padwa clean and purified very well.
  2. After this, people take a pledge and build a swastika on top of the space made
  3. And that also make a hair method.
  4. After doing this, spread the white colored cloth and paint it with turmeric kumkum and after that,
  5. The idol of Brahma is also install by making an Ashtadal and then duly worshiped.
  6. Finally, people build a flag of Gudi, that is, and install it at that place of worship.

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