Animal Farmer Credit Card 2021 Online Application: Documents, Benefits, Application Forms

Animals are very important in our life because many things are obtained from them which are very nutritious for us. A scheme has been launched by the Haryana government for woolen cattlemen under which the farmers living in Haryana who have a cow will be able to get a loan of Rs 40,783 on a cow from the state government as well as farmers who raise buffalo Government will get loan up to Rs 60,249. Thus, this scheme has been named as Animal Credit Card Scheme, which will benefit every animal owner in Haryana.

Animal farmer credit card scheme 2021

  • Animal foster farmers who want to get the benefit of this scheme will first have to get an animal credit card. With the help of that card, he can easily get a loan from the government to raise his animals.
  • The amount provided in the loan which will be provided for a cow is Rs. 40783. Which will be provided as an amount of Rs. 6797 by dividing it into 6 installments per month through the Animal Credit Card by the Haryana Government.
  • Thus the total amount to be provided in 6 months will have to be returned with an interest of Rs. 40783 with 4% interest in a gap of 1 year.
  • The card issued under Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021 will be issued on the day. Thereafter, a gap of 1 year period will start from the same day when the farmer gets the first installment.

Documents required for Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021

  • The main document that is mandatory in this scheme is that the applicant must be a native of Haryana state.
  • At the time of application, he must have his Aadhar card or PAN card or Voter ID card.
  • Entering registered mobile number is also mandatory under this scheme.
  • Applicant must also submit a passport size photo of himself.

Application process in Animal Farmer Credit Card 2021

  • All the farmers present in the state of Haryana raise cattle and want to get the benefit of this scheme, then they have to go to their nearest bank and fill the application for this scheme.
  • You need to collect all your documents before going to the bank to fill the application. So that you can easily go to the bank and get your application form.
  • When you receive your form, fill it carefully with all your information. If you face any type of problem in filling the form, then you can also get help by going to the Assistant Officer present in the bank.
  • When you fill all the information in your application form, then attach your main documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card and your passport size photo with your application form along with your form.
  • Now take your application form and go to the bank official and submit it there.
  • When all your information will be verified within 1 month of filling the application form, then you will also receive an animal credit card in your name.

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