Corona Vaccine Latest News When, Who and How Much Price?

First Tweet By Narendra Modi on Corona Virus

Everyone in the country is now awaiting the vaccine for the prevention of corona virus. Corona vaccine is soon to arrive in India. However, there is also a question of what will be the price of corona vaccine in the country and how it will be distributed. In addition, the country also wants to know which people will be given the corona vaccine first. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now answered all these questions.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had convened an all-party meeting to discuss the situation in Covid-19. PM Modi addressed the meeting through video conferencing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the corona vaccine will come in a few weeks. India has a worldwide eye on the corona vaccine.

Who will be given the vaccine first?

In response to this question, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in this meeting that as soon as scientists ask us to move forward, we will start the process of vaccination in India. In the first phase, vaccines will be given to health workers, frontline workers and elderly people suffering from serious conditions.

How will delivery happen of Corona Vaccine?

How will the vaccine be distributed in the country? On this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the central and state government teams are working together to distribute the vaccine. India has expertise for vaccine distribution as well as capacity. Experts believe that the Covid-19 vaccine will be ready in the next few weeks.

What will be the cost of Covid-19 vaccine?

The central and state governments are discussing it. Prime Minister said that the price of the vaccine will be decided keeping public health in mind and the state governments will play a major role in it.

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