How to Work Government E Blood Bank Service Scheme

Health Minister launches “E Blood Service App” for needy amid corona epidemic

Indian Red Cross Society launches ‘E Blood Service App Services App’ amid the corona epidemic. Which has inaugurated by Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan. In order to protect the needy people from anemia amid the coronavirus epidemic, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has launched the ‘ e Blood Service app ‘ under the initiative of ‘ Indian Red Cross Society ‘. The minister said that needy people can register on the app and know where they will get blood. He also said that the needy can demand up to 4 units of blood. How to Work Government E Blood Bank Service Scheme The blood banks of the Indian Red Cross Society will wait for 12 hours for them. Continuing donations to voluntary donors are the need of the day. He said the Indian Red Cross Society has taken a very good initiative in this corona epidemic.

How to use E Blood Bank Service Scheme

  1. Download the App from the play store or Download from here directly Click here
  2. After the download, you can check the availability of blood in your location.
  3. If the same blood is available in your nearest hospital then you can request the blood.
  4. You can take only 4 units of blood from the blood bank.
  5. You give your blood and take your needy blood
  6. No need for money for the blood.

Indian Red Cross Society’s mission of blood donation:

As per the statement by Health Ministry, all the 89 blood banks of the Indian Red Cross Society and 1,100 branches across the country collected quite one lakh unit of blood through in-house donations and from around 2000 blood donation camps that organized during the lockdown period.
More than 38,000 voluntary blood donors have registered with NHQ bank. They had been linked and motivated to donate blood. The NHQ bank has conducted 55 donation camps that collected 2,896 units of blood. A total of 5,221 units are collected during the lockdown period.
The Union Minister, Harsh Vardhan also insisting the people become voluntary blood donors. He mentioned that regular blood donation can prevent cardiac problems, obesity, and lots of other ailments.
Blood has been issued to 7,113 patients which include 2,923 thalassemia patients also on the govt. hospitals like Lady Harding (624 units) and AIIMS, Delhi (378 Units).

For more information you can also visit the E Blood Bank website: Click Here

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