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Recycle with replaner

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This offers the most interactive activity giving experience in urban and natural surroundings. Find out how the real city comes alive when you are guided by the right person

Different type of garbage

Here you can sell things like Plastic Bottles,Glass Bottles,pot, paper etc. Waste management is that the precise name for the gathering, transportation, disposal or utilization and observance of waste. This term is appointed to the fabric, waste that's made through soul activity.

Garbage of electronic parts

Electronics waste, commonly known as e-scrap or e-waste, is the trash we generate from surplus, broken, and obsolete electronic devices. Electronics contains varied toxic-ant and dangerous chemicals and materials that are discharged into the atmosphere if we tend to don't get rid of them properly.

Garbage of Metals

Most usage pick-up corporations settle for metal, therefore unless the metal you've got is effective, recycle it in your blue bin. You can build the foremost cash on aluminum, brass and copper at the scrap yard. Bronze, cast iron, steel and tin area unit all reclaimable within the blue bin

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