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Charkula Folk Dance:

This dance art of the district has made a splash at the national and international level, in the past, holi or on the second day of the night, a woman or a woman in the villages, and a continuous charkula dance with seven mud pitchers on the head and a burning lamp on top of it. All the men of the village used to sing with Nagas, Dhap, dhol, playing.

At present, it is dance in an attractive posture with a clay or metal pot of about 20 kg of paneling made of 38 round-shape hummingbird shape wood and 38 burning lamps on the petals. All the lamps are burning during the dance. The Charkula dance of Umri, Rampur and Mukrai village of Janpad find to be famous. The women artists here have staged national and international level.

Reason of Celebration of Charkula Dance:

The artists of Charkula dance invited for the programmes organized at various places in the state on behalf of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Sangeet Natak Akademi and Department of Information. The Charkula dance is very famous at present when the art mystics become familiar. The artists of this dance have also had the opportunity to participate during the India Festival held in Mauritius, Nepal and thereafter in Germany. With Germany, the artists also visited three other countries, including the Soviet Union.

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