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Cheraw Folk Dance:

In folk dances, Chera Mizo has a very old traditional dance. It is believe that the dance was also present in the first century AD, while some mizo live somewhere in The Greek province of China before migrating to the chin hills in the thirteenth century AD and eventually settle in the present Mizoram. Some of these tribes live in South East Asia and have similar types of dances with different names in one or several forms.

Men are sitting on the ground face-to-head and opening and closing these joints on the rhythm in the horizontal and steep queues of the bamboo. The girls dance by wearing traditional mizo costumes ‘Puanchei’, ‘Kavachchi’, ‘Wakiria’ and ‘Thihna’ and they keep the steps between the bamboo out and inward. This dance is perform on almost all festival occasions. This unique style of Chera seems to be very enchanting in all the places where it is done. With dance, gong and nad-instruments play. Modern music is also use in this dance at present.

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