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Kummi Folk Dance (कुम्मी नृत्य):

Kummi is the most important and ancient form of rural dances of Tamil Nadu. This folk dance was born when there were no musical instruments and the talent was danced by clapping to maintain rhythm. It is displayed by women; There are many types of Kummi such as Purnathi Kummi, Deepa Kummi, Kulwai Kummi, Qadir Kummi, Malai Pari Pari Kummi etc. Women stand by a sphere and dance on the rhythm by clapping. One of these women sings a mind-like song while other women repeat it. Each dancer sings a new line and the dance stops when everyone gets tired. The dance is usually performed on the occasion of Pongal, harvesting festivals, family events, etc., in the temple, such as a programme to reach the adolescent girls.

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