• Before sensing the sensor 100μF and 0.1μF both capacitors continue charging.

  • Because the transistor of BC 558 transport current from the emitter to base and some current emitter to collector.

  • When we press the remote, an infrared ray comes out which is felt by TSOP sensor.

  • The output of the pin number 3 of the TSOP sensor is negative.

  • Negative value triggers transistor.

  • So the entire current of emitter start to moving towards the collector.

  • During this period 100 μF  charging capacitor passes voltage to the collector.

  • Total summing voltage trigger the pin no. 14 of IC.

  • 0.1 μF capacitor is used to prevent the inverted effect of current.

  • Output zero always on so, green light glow.

  • After the triggering IC start the counting.

  • then output O1 glow the red light and next output O2 reset the IC.

  • Then the pin no. 2 of IC send a signal in the relay through the transistor.

  • The relay normally closed after getting the signal.

  • Diode is used to prevent the inverted effect of current.

  • And finally fan or light circuit loop is closed.

Required element:

1.Resistors – 47 ohm, 220 ohm, 330 ohm(2), 1 k ohm
2.Transistor -BC 558, BC 548
3.Capcitor -100 μF 16V, 0.1 μF
4.LED – Red and green
5.IC – CD 4017
6.Diode – 1N4007
7.Relay – 5V
8.IR Receiver – TSOP 1738

Element explanation :

IC 4017 – It is CMOS decade counter decoder.It can count 0 to 10 and its output are decode.It save the space of bord.

DIODE – A Diode having two terminal.One side resistance is low and other side resistance is high.It is a semiconductor element.In which P-N junction are connected by two electrical terminal.It is maintain the voltage across to point.

Relay – Here relay is electrically operated switch.when it get a signal then its coil is magnetize and it take action for normally open or normally close.when it will normally close then it passed the required current  in the circuit.

IR Receiver – IR Receiver means infrared receiver.Generally its work is sends information from an infrared remote control to another device by receiving and decoding signals.


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