How to download current electricity bill in NBPDCL

Every month someone give me a electric bill after checking the meter.But some time electric bill receipt does not clear then we face many types of problem because electric bill need everywhere.It is a proof of residence address.If it is not clear then no one will take this as a address proof and also we will unable to check that how much unit has consumed by previous month and how much money will pay in this month.So,in this post we have solve your problem that how to download current electricity bill in NBPDCL.

First you will write on google ” SBPDCL ” then you will go south bihar power distribution corporation limited link.Otherwise Click Here and go directly. Then you will click on “Instant Payment” and enter your consumer number.

Write your consumer number in red mark option and click on submit.

Then this type of page will come on your screen.Now you will click on “view Bill” then you can download it.In this way you will get your current electric bill.

If you don’t know your SBPDCL consumer number then¬†

If You Want to Take Online Payment Receipt of Electric Bill of SBPDCL then

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