In this page we have explained that how to make a project for industrial training.

First page :

This is our first page of project.In which we have explained company’s name and logo.Also you have explained trainee details and training duration.

Second page :

In this page we write the performance area name and time period of  performance in which we work.

Third page :

The color of red is showing that in which area you worked.

Fourth page :

:-The training in company name, Location has truly been exciting. We have come to about new concept of technology and vivid practical experience along with theoretical knowledge have fortified our technology know-how a lot.We would like to thank all those persons who are directly or indirectly associated with this training report by supporting us with their best effort.We thank Teachers name .
note :Write the red mark by your self….

Fifth page : 

Sixth page : 

Overview of industry – 

Write about whatever information you have about your company on google and wikipedia.

Seventh page :

Explain covered area –

Eight page :

:-At the end of the vocational training, we have come to acquire a considerable knowledge of the working of the company.There are numerous application of electronic and instrumentation in company name.We were able to see those field instruments in operation which we had read in our curriculum.Also, Distributed Control system(DCS), Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) and Electrical Control System( ECS), have provided insight as to how remote monitoring of a system is possible.In additional, interaction with insight professional Branch name has given us an exposure which is hard to get elsewhere.
It has been a great opportunity for me to get a know how of the thing from such a reputed industry and company name being a particularly hazardous company, I am grateful to all employees of company name, Location,Who guided us throughout the training.
note :Write the red mark by your self….

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