How to pay electricity bill using TEZ

Nowadays we all are always busy in own work.So it is very difficult to stand in line and deposit the bill.So,How to pay electricity bill using TEZ.When payment time pass then we pay extra amount from original payment and it is increase time to time.So, we can use the digital India.Without going anywhere we can pay our electric bill , water bill , gas bill etc by use android phone.Many android app or channels give this facility for pay our bill by online.Like ; Direct electric power website , Phone pe , TEZ ,PAYTM , AMAZON etc…

Follow the steps and pay your electric bill using TEZ

  • TEZ provide electricity bill payment facility.This service is new on Tez So,Tez giving more offer during bill payment.

  • First of all download TEZ app and make your account and link your bank with tez app.

  • Then follow the red mark instruction.

  • Now choose your power company  and click on “Get started” 

  • Enter your consumer account number and proceed further.

  • After the enter of consumer number you can see your bill of previous month.

  • Now you click on link account ,next you click on Pay Bill.

  • Finally you will get “proceed to pay” page.Click on it and enter your UPI pin and click on pay.

  • After final process You will get a successfully payment message.   

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