How to Set Own Pic in Drive Icon of Pendrive

A pen drive is portable data storage device.It is replace the floppy disk.It is small compare to floppy disk.We can carry any where in the pocket.But sometimes we facing some problem, when similar type of pen drive are mixed with and drive name is not mention or someone edit my name from the pen derive then it is difficult for me that how will find my pen drive among of them.So here on we have solve this type to set own pic in drive icon of pendrive?The answer to this Question has given below....

Follow this instruction and set your own pic in pen drive icon

Step 1 :- Select your pic who want to set in to Drive Icon and open this pic in paint software application.

Step 2 :-  Now you go in file manager and save your pic in ‘BMP’ format

FILE ——-> SAVE AS ———> BMP

Step 3 :- Now create a folder in Text document format 

Right Click —–> New——> Text Document

Step 4 :- After the create your folder,open it and write two line program and save it with file name -” autorun.inf ” and save as type – ” All files “.

File ——> Save As 

Step 5 :- Now you have get one ” autorun ” file. Both the file autorun and your BMP format pic copy and paste in your pen drive and refresh it.If you want to not shows this two file in your pen drive then hide it.

Step 6 :- Remove your pen drive and again  insert it.You will watch that your pic set on drive Icon place. 

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