Sell Your Old Garbages and Waste Materials

Hello friends, we have thought of something new and innovative. Before going into deep, let me explain in simple words. In all of our households, we have different types of garbage’s such as newspaper, metals, plastic, polybags etc. What we do with that? Answer is simple, we simple throw them or keep storing in our homes. But isn’t it will be great if you get money for that wastes? This is exactly what we have thought of. Here we will make selling and buying process as simple as you can thought of! Get complete details by reading post-Sell Your Old Garbages and Waste Materials

What Garbage Owner has to do for selling its waste materials?

Through Request Form:

Here we have introduced a Pickup Request Form where you have to just fill a small form to give a request.


Rs 0 (Zero). Yes you have heard correct. We are charging zero for this service.


We will run these service in simple way without making it complex.

  • You just need to contact us through any means which you feel comfortable.
  • Next, rest work is ours.
  • After as you inform us about waste material to be sold, we will contact any of the waste picker’s nearer to your area.
  • He will come to your home on schedule day (as given by you).
  • Most important, we will not interfere between your selling-buying process.
  • Rates at which you want to sell, what is the rate presently going on the month- all will decided by you and the buy.


  • Simple and quick process to sell your waste materials.
  • No charges
  • Sell any on days of the year.
  • Decide selling rate by own

Garbages that can be sold:

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  1. I saved lot of time.thanks

  2. really a time saver !!!

  3. It is very useful and convenient site to sell garbage, which were useless for me before I had met this site .This site is customer friendly and without giving any second thought you can trust and use this .

  4. Hi, i read your blog occasionally.interesting

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