What is The Benefit After Increase The TRP?

Everyone is fond of watching TV but they watch channels and shows as per their choice. People are often used to watching TV serials, so they often hear about TRPs. You too must have heard that there are many people who appear in the number one position in case of TRP and in a blink of an eye they fall on the ground in case of TRP. The word TRP will be heard many times but you will not even know its true meaning. Today we are going to tell you the true meaning of TRP, through this post you will see what the TRP meant for serials in TV means.

What is TRP, full form?

TRP also known as Television rating point. The TRP graphic is a graph where you can get to know which show and which channel is seen by the most people. Certain types of devices are used in big cities to find out TRPs, which are installed at select places, this device is known as People Meter. However, this device cannot be installed in every household, so this device is installed by choosing a particular place and mainly in the cities.

How is TRP detected?

You must have understood what TRP is, now the main point is how the TRP is found out from which place people are watching and liking the show more.

  • People meters installed at special locations are directly connected to the set top box in your home through its device connectivity. This is the main reason why only operators insist on installing a set top box with TV in your house.
  • TRPs can be easily estimated through set top boxes, so information about all the set top boxes that are installed around people at special locations is automatically passed to the monitoring team.
  • The most important information that this monitor team has is to know which channels are being watched the most in which area and which is the main show in those channels which is being watched by people the most.
  • According to the rating, the information of all these things is passed on to the monitoring team through the television rating point.
    People Meter thoroughly analyzes its surroundings and immediately passes all the information to its monitoring team.

How to TV channel gets income from TRP?

You already know that so many advertisements come in between every TV show that the show on TV runs less and more advertisements. More than 80% of income is through advertisements to the TV channel. You should understand from the TV channel on which more advertisements will be shown during the show, the people of that channel are getting maximum income through advertisements only. Now the thing is, what is the relation between TRP and advertisement, then let us tell you that the channels which have more TRP, more advertisements are placed between the shows in those channels. The simple and simple meaning of this is that the more advertisements run in the middle of the show, the more revenue those channels get.

What is TRP scam?

You know that everything can be bought in exchange for money, some Republic TV channels also did. The owner of that channel tried to buy TRP by giving money to the officials to increase the TRP of his TV channel. This is a very wrong thing and also illegal because increasing the TRP of your channel by paying money is not considered right at all, in which case a case is being run on Republic TV. Now it remains to be seen what the laws give in this case.

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