How to Calculate Your Postage Rate

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Post Office

How to Calculate Your Postage Rate

Follow these simple steps:

  • First of visit, Indian Postal Official Website or Postage Rate Page directly from here:

    Postage Rate Calculator Page
  • Select Type of Service- Domestic, International or Miscellaneous
  • For sending your parcel within India, select “Domestic” and for sending outside India, select “International”
  • After Selecting, a small form will get open.
  • Fill the PIN Code

    Enter PIN Code
  • Next click on “Find PIN Code”, a small form will pop-up
  • Select your State, City/District and then click on “Search”. All the post office with PIN Code will get open.

    Select Your State and City/District
  • Select your Post Office from where you want to send the article.
  • After that, enter the weight (in grams), Length, Width, Height of the articles.
  • Next, click “Get Available Services”
  • A list will open all the available services with delivery days. Select which you want.
    Select Available Services

    Additional Services
  • On next page, select additional services and then enter the captcha image
  • At last, click on “Get Price”
  • Finally, it will show total amount

    Price Details
  • Done

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