How to Use State Collect to Pay Education Fee

How to Use State Collect to Pay Education Fee

Hello Everyone! State Collect by State Bank of India has started great feature for paying education, commercial, government department etc payment. Without explaining much, let me guide you How to Use State Collect to Pay Education Fee in easy steps. Read complete post to know in detail.

State Collect

How to Use State Collect to Pay Education Fee

Follow these steps:

  1. First of all, visit here: or from State Bank official website
    State Collect Homepage

    SBI Official Website
  2. Tick the Terms and Condition option and click on ‘Proceed’ option
  3. Now, select state where institution is located.

    Select State
  4. Next, select type of institution as ‘Educational Institutions’

    Select Institution Type
  5. Clicking on ‘Go’ will open a page where you have to select ‘Educational Institution Name’.
  6. Select educational institution and click on ‘Submit’ option
  7. Next, select ‘Payment Category’, for admission fee deposit select ‘Admission Fee’ or else others
  8. Fill all the details such as course name, semester, roll number etc carefully

    Fill all the Details
  9. After filling all the details, click on ‘Submit’
  10. Now, proceed with payment method and pay the amount.
  11. You will receive a reference number. Kindly keep with you for future use.

Features of State Bank Collect

‘State Bank Collect’ facilitates our Corporate Internet Banking (CINB) customers to receive online payments from receivers of their goods & services. Our CINB customers need not maintain a website. Payer of the Corporate has to just click on ‘State Bank Collect’ and choose the Corporate for which payment has to make, fill up particulars of goods/services towards which payment has to be made and make the payment through one of the several options display to him on a Multiple Option Payment System (MOPS) page.

An illustrative List of online services (purposes) for availing the facility is given here under:

  • Collection for goods and services supplied by Firms/Corporates/Institutions.
  • Fee collection by Educational Institutions.
  • Collection of dues by Government/Quasi Government Bodies.
  • Local taxes like water tax, house tax, electricity bill etc. by Semi Govt. bodies.
  • Collection of Recruitment fee.
  • Donations to Charitable Institutions/Religious Institutions.

Payment Modes Available

  • Internet banking platform of SBI.
  • State Bank ATM cum Debit Card.
  • By Cash/Cheque at SBI Branches.
  • Other Bank’s Debit card.
  • Credit Card.
  • Internet Banking of other banks (including SBI’s Associate Banks).
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